Falling for Fall boots

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Long gone are hot-hot summer days, and it sure was hot this year, I know what I am saying cause I  technically spent my summer between two continents, and both were pretty hot. The kind of hot when you just don't want any fabric touching you and wearing jeans is like a slow-rubbing torture... but it is all gone, almost forgotten, autumn has rolled around with its bronze-y hues and breezy air and all the sudden, we want to burry our bodies with layers upon layers of clothing. The more the better, the cozier, the warmer, the more fall-ish, the better! And so goes my shopping Marie-Kondo aka no-shopping and downsizing...

In the summer, all I want to wear is shorts and tank tops, and how many of these do we need to buy anyway, so I am not a big shopper for summer. Whereas in the fall, each time it starts, I am like "oh hello there first leave touching the ground, now, I am going to need all the clothes, a dozen of cozy sweaters, short coats, long coats, leather jackets, jean jackets, corduroy jackets and all the flannels from all the stores ;) And then boots, I will need all the boooooooots!"

And speaking of boots, I don't know why (well, I do know why, the why is that I love shoes, especially boots), but it always seems that I am missing a style or color from my collection. I stopped buying the cheap plastic-y boots that fall apart easily a long time ago, the fast fashion wants us to buy a whole new boot collection every season, but even now, while buying a better-quality, better made boots, I still feel there is something else that I need.

I feel like between a cowboy inspired boot, a classic Chelsea boot, a kitty heel boot, an animal print boot, a white boot, a knee-length boot and so on, it was finally time to explore some of the heavier, chunkier boots. I recently fell in love with the moto- inspired ones. I think they not only go well with jeans, but they definitely work for skirts and dresses, and between all the upcoming holiday gatherings, it will be an interesting spin on that classic skirt/dress look! Just layer it up, go for the easy-going pieces and I promise, you will feel comfortable, look cozy, but still put-together and NOT like you are wearing activewear to a turkey dinner.

When I look for a boot trend to explore, it is important to me to find the ones the are well-made and of quality materials. At the same time, I hope for the best price and service. Obviously, that is not such an easy pairing to find. The place I usually turn to first is Zappos, they are one of the first and now one of the biggest online retailers with affordable, but best-quality footwear. And they have never failed me. They became known for their customer service, and that is the quality I continuously admire in any business - as it seems harder and harder to come by. They have a very lenient return and exchange policy and hassle-free order processing, they always have a ton of options for styles and sizing and fit.

This time, I decided to go with a Rider boot by Blowfish, I loved the chunky rubber sole, and the moto-inspired belting around the ankle, all the buckles and the fabric. They come in three different colors and I wish I could have them all. I love how the boot is a mostly stiff and supportive, but the top is also moldable, so you can style it to the shape you want. As you can see, I went for 5 easy looks, three super casual, like school pick-up & drop-off casual, the one you need less than ten minutes for to pull off. The other two are also super easy and hassle-free, but can be worn to some of the social events November and December are filled with.

I love that by signing up for Zappos VIP program, I got my Blowfish boots in 2-days with their free shipping and earned redeemable points, which will be the case for every purchase I make. Moreover, it doesn't cost anything extra, if you have Amazon Prime!
Zappos is giving away a pair of fall boots to one of my readers, so check out my post on Instagram for more details!