Hi, How are you?! Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Anja, (pronounced An-ya, spelled Ania, all equals to Anja). I am a polish girl living in the windy city, otherwise known as Chicago.

Who am I? I would say a notorious pessimist yet with hopes for turning around. Every day, I am passionately searching for optimism and find it in little things, ya know, the cliche, those little things  that make the world just a little bit happier and a little bit brighter.

I like playing dress-up, I live to be exploring the world with my boys and I most definitely like taking pictures of it all and writing about it, so here it is, my happy space where I accumulate all the happy moments in this tricky thing called life.

I hope to share here all the things I come across and consider pretty, useful or both.  May as well right, since I am spending all this time on internet browsing, maybe someone else does not need to, pure savings on the screen time here!

But who am I really, well, in my ancient history, I was a legal marketing coordinator, turned an MBA student, turned mother, turned who knows what next... but I am a mother above and beyond it all, one becomes a mother forever, so there will be a lot of mumsy things here, that I can bet on. However, note that I look at motherhood as a wholesome gig, it is not just about the babies, it is so many other things, I say it is a lifestyle, lifestyle in that hipster meaning of everything you do, and how you live, but also meaning it recreating life all over again, like you are born again, as a mother too, and you keep doing so over and over again. So here is my motherly life, but more like, just my life, its slow life, high life,style life, mood life, I am pretty sure I will cover them all.

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