Summer moved on... Back to school is next.

Summer moved ooooooooon... Whenever summer ends, I always have that song stuck in my head, you know the one that goes like:

"Summer moved on and the way it goes, you can't tag along" and then "seasons can't last and there's just one thing left to ask" with this longest consonant notes in history of all A-ha songs? Or Lana's del Ray? summertime sadness...?

Either way, either song... the end of summer always has me melachnolic, and a bit sappy, and just all existential and reflective on life, but this year, I am also welcoming it with a slight sense of relief, this summer has me a bit tired and sort of longing for routine and structure to fill my days, to make me follow the clock a bit more and organize my days in some predictable pattern. I spent over a month at home with both kids, all day, every day and even though we developed routines of our own, the days started to blend into chaotic messes, that despite all the fun we had, and despite all the efforts to keep it under control, were just meant to happen. So onto the fall we go, slightly sad, slightly relived, slightly hopeful and excited about what new crispier days will bring... because it is BACK to school!

Simon's first day ever at school was actually last year, he started pre-school back in Chicago, I was so unsure about it all, since I was due with Leo any day. I was so emotional and scared of all the changes he will have to face, each morning I was wondering if I would have to pull him out of school because of going into labor. Five days in, I gave birth to Leo, so school pick ups and drop offs for me equal tagging along both of them, getting ready with both... But oh that time last fall... so many emotions, so many... enough for another post.

Anyway, Simon switched pre-school three times in one school year, which is more than enough for a little four-year old, but he did so good each time, he really is one brave little boy, it makes me the proudest. This year he is going to the same school as be finished in June, thank heavens! but his teacher will be different this semester and so will his classroom and classmates. But I am so so certain he will do just great. He did it three times now, he is a pro in new environments and that makes my heart skip a beat, cause maybe I did something right, even if giving him some adapdabilty genes or whatever, I will take it.

So thankfully getting ready for school should be easy... I mean, honestly mornings in our house are never "super easy" but maybe more "okay easy" nonetheless. 

I used to be a morning person when it was just me to take care of. Now with the two of them I am way worse, less organized and more sluggish, I blame sleep deprivation... But maybe I am just getting old too.

Simon and Leo usually wake up at 6:00am, on a good day at 6:30am, which technically gives us plenty of time to get ready, yet somehow it seems that we always rush. First order of business is breakfast, for everyone, otherwise everyone is hungry... and nobody wants to see us hungry... I sort of admire people who do not eat breakfast, they are like superheroes or something, I cannot function without it.

When breakfast is said and done we move onto getting dressed, Simon is trying to do it himself, but I still have to help him, cause....  I think girls catch on that part way earlier and I say that free of any sexist standards, cause they just do 😝 and I am a girl and I think it proves our superiority, if anything else, but I digress. Simon is still struggling with that part because... I mean when someone is trying to pull his underwear on by inserting two legs into one hole, it calls for an intervention, so yeah I dress him for the most part. He does have opinions, like "what color do you like the most Simon?" To which he answers "my favorite is blue stripes", nonetheless, I have to say he has a good taste.

For his back to school September days, we chose a variety of striped basics with a mix of greys, blacks, whites (of course) and lovely deep blue hues that I have been loving lately.

Simon fell for the softest, stripe-bountiful back to school line from OshKosh and so did I. There is a variety of beautiful denim pieces, softest cotton fabrics in all our favorite monochrome colors. And I have to admit that even though I think kids should wear color color, and I still buy lots of it for my boys, their closets - just like mine - start to fill up with a good set of basics that are easy to put together, monochrome whites and greys just go together easily. And God knows we need this, when one of those mornings happen and nothing is going right... on those mornings even a four year old needs to get dressed easily.  I mean.. -you know, what I mean - those mornings when Simon goes all contemplative on me and questions the whole purpose of wearing pants - since he already has underwear on - that is when I need to be able to persuade him into wearing some soft joggers or shorts in his favorite color, "stripes".

So without a further ado, with our copybooks open and heads ready to learn, with our days ready to be regular and organized, we are ready for you school year!!!! 

Oshkosh always has some amazing deals, especially now before Labor Day, so so many sales! you can score Simon's outfit pieces for less than $20! on top of all the discounts they already have, there is another code for my readers! feel free to use OKBG3136 for additional 25% off.

This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Simon is wearing
Indigo hoodie
Grey/striped shorts
Navy Striped shirt
Navy shorts

Leo is wearing
Grey joggers

Other credits:
Diaper backpack: Lily Jade
The World carpet in Simon's room


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