Getting back

Before I sat down to type this post, I have been writing it in my head for months now, maybe even for years… Quite possibly I might have started it, the moment I left my old office right before giving birth to Simon… After that day, December 30th, I have never returned to the office again, for four years, I kept working for another two years, but mostly from home… but now I am going back to work, full time, not from home as I did manage in the past, but back to an actual office, to an office life, to daily commute etc. It scares me but it also makes me excited.

Holiday Pictures. Deconstructed.

You know Instagram? Yes, that app, where you spend hours looking at everyone's perfect images and wonder "how the heck did they manage to get them, did they hire a whole team of photographers or an entire special lighting crew? hair and makeup?" yeah that app... I know, because I often times wonder that very same thing. I am almost certain nobody thinks of my pictures in quite the superlatives, but I try my best there too, it is true for everyone, I think, we all put our best online, on Instagram, on Facebook, whichever, we do want to put the best picture to represent us well, I belive this is a quite natural instinct.

By all means, I am no picture expert, nor do I know much about photography, but since the season when we want to take the best family snaps is upon us, I thought it would be fun to discuss what works for me and what doesn't while family picture taking. Probably there is more of what doesn'ts,  because taking a pic with two littles is never an easy task, and a lot of things don't work, but still I will try my best.