Easter, Spring and Staycation.

Gosh is everyone hungry for spring as badly as I am? it seems like each years it gets more and more intense, this longing to be outside and actually enjoy it, to be warm and comfortable, to not regret one forgot gloves, or a hat or put on that third level coat on instead of the fashionable level one.

As a Bostonette.

So I have been here almost four months, yup, quite officially, I have a Mass driving license and all. And yes people refer to Massachusetts as Mass, and for the record it is not a state, it is a commonwealth, what does that mean? I am not 100% positive, but it does sound quite noble and in a way almost altruistic, like we will all be taking care of our wealth here and sharing it and all...
I know, I probably should have googled it before mentioning it... but without any further do, here are some things I have noticed about the reality in this new common wealth of our being.

Six months with Leo Grey. #MothersPromise

I cannot believe I have just typed this, six months? have passed? I could have sworn I was just in the hospital, that he is still brand new and smells like a newborn. But to be honest, I see him growing every day. Any day I put him down for a nap I take out a bigger, slightly chubbier baby, the wrinkly newborn features are long gone and we arrived at this glorious giant baby doll phase. He is smiling all the time, even when he is crabby and wants to cry, he pauses to smile, then goes back to screaming. He is a very social baby, will let anyone hold him and will smile at anyone, I sort of feel jealous, cause he is giving it all for free to anyone, nothing reserved for me, okay maybe the nighttime feedings. He only wants me and the tap.