{Perspetctives. Renewed.}

Sooooo this post… well, I typed it and sat on it for a while. It is very personal and rather “nobody probably needs to know this”, but I needed to write it, so it can serve as a long term reminder for myself. Reminder of how much I under-appreciate things, how easy it is to lose everything, how much there is  to loose, and how much I have to be grateful for. And I do need such reminder. Now that, I look at it with the perspective of time, I feel odd nostalgia over how beautifully and clearly these events made me see the world, at least for the time being. Ironically, they happened during one of the busiest, most crazy weeks, but instead of being overwhelmed, cranky or annoyed, that week I was just happy. Thus I wanted to type it and now I want to post it, just so it is there and I remember about it. So this is sort of my window to accountability, my reason to say it out loud: my life is pretty good as it is, it doesn’t suck, at all, and I need to say thank you to it a lot more than "give me more” type of stuff...

Because sometimes the bad things in life, open your eyes to things you took for granted before.

{ Finding the time...}

You know the phrase “I don’t have the time”? yeah that one, the one you hear all the time? pun intended of course. The one I am guilty of… I know, you are probably too, but don’t worry, we all use it and abuse it, to the point that it doesn’t even mean anything, whatsoever.
Once you think about it, what does it mean? really? “I don’t have the time” we all have time, time is here, time is now, time is sort of all. the. time. So isn’t it all about what we make of it? How we divide it and organize it? We probably should use “I didn’t make the time for…” or “I made the time for…” to be honest really.