{ when the lightest meets the heaviest }

I am hitting the unknown territory here, arriving at 37 weeks of pregnancy is something I have not done before, by now I would be holding Simon in my arms enjoying the 7.11" of his glory. I assume his brother is of similar size now, because I am feeling really, really heavy these days. At my last midwife appointment I was measuring a week ahead all the sudden, so it looks like we are working on something big over here.

I said it many times now that I used to be such a hard butt on not owning much of pregnancy gear, but from this point forward I just don't know how to do it anymore, it is all getting out of control and every angle of me has changed its shape by now. I call this integrated expansion. And for those last days or weeks of this really fine stretching to the limit, and testing one's skin elasticity to a see-through point of no return, one needs some comfort.

As soon as I opened the basics bundle from StorQ, I wanted that softness surrounding my body, no bulging stitch lines, no rough fabrics, pure bliss of gentleness and stretchiness. I may wear it till I give birth... but who am I kidding, that would assume I can keep my clothing in a relatively clean state for more than a day, and that is just ludicrous.

I don't know how it happens but everything lands on my belly/chest region,  which at this point has merged together and created a perfect helicopter landing zone. Thus, by the end of the day the white top is usually covered with spots and splatters documenting my menu better than a menu diary. But that is just what these last weeks of pregnancy are all about, comfy, clumsy, comfy, covered in food, comfy, have to pee, back is hurting, oh so comfy but so not, etc.etc.

I don't know how many days/weeks I have left with this belly of mine, lets hope no more than three, cause longer would be just crazy long for being pregnant. But I hope the hump-bump lingers as long as it wants to, because yes, I am one of those women that enjoys being pregnant, I like pregnancy and bumps and everything that comes with them, including the varicose veins, thus knowing it is the finishing stretch has me admitably ultra clunky and wishing time didn't have to go by this fast.

But then there is the next chapter, the next level.... aaaaaaand I am getting very excited and overwhelmed with emotion at a mere thought of meeting this fuzzy bebe, reliving these birthing moments of amazingness, witnessing the miracle, that is something I really, really can give up the belly for.

Leggins and tank c/o Storq


  1. So so proud of you, honey. The net always needed more of your goodness! You are a power house btw, at 38 weeks pregnant I just wanted to crawl into my bed and live there doing nothing, and here you are setting up all this amazingness!!! Avid reader here, my girl! xo

    1. Oh my sweetest girl!!!!! your support means everything to me!!!! THANK YOU!! I hope I can keep it up...sending kisses xoxoxox

  2. Oh this is really the last one before I sleep... Zoard just climbed out of his cot telling me that he has a pee pool in his diaper and I should change it. Now he is back in his room having a monologe about the alphabet..
    And I am thinking how different I am with my body because I spent my first trimester not wearing any underwear and I feel like everything is squeezing me, even the special pregnancy pants. I would just stay naked all day long if it wear up to me. I was pregnant for 41 weeks the last time and I can see its advantages... Though nerw wracking.. So I do not mind if Assya will stay inside me for a long time like her brother. Nevertheless, I am huge already at 26 weeks and people seem to be amused that I am only six months pregnant... I keep hearing myself make excuses : "well, you know how it is with a second child..".

    1. ahhh mama, i loved hearing from you!!! what this second pregnancy has been teaching me is that there is no point to compare anything between the two, the babies and pregnancies are so different. I felt so different this time around, I felt like I grew bigger too and now I am 39 weeks pregnant and with Simon I already held him! it is always different I think and we just need to roll with it <3 be good to yourself and listen to your body! xoxoxoxox