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But not the fulminating kind

Note that it is the first fact I want people to know about me strictly, because I am following my natural patterns of associations. So yes, I do course on occasion. I think there is a time and a  place for a good course word, sometimes Polish, sometimes English, context-wise permitting.

Why another blog?
There is about a billion unoriginal reasons why people do it and I am doing it for all of them, but hey, I have more, so here is another one, maybe you have not heared that one before. So, I really wanted a place for all the outtakes of the pictures I save on my camera roll, for reals. I usually obey the sacred, unspoken rule of Instagram not to spam and choose to post just one picture, but I keep all the outtakes and they haunt me at night. I just want them to be used, somewhere, thus I am keeping them for something, at  this point I am on a verge of spamming Instagram and that is just such a faux pas... so bear with me, I need a happy space to upload the pictures, and simply clean up my phone instead of saving them for God knows what. And then I always want to say so much, I just have words in my head that need a more solid outlet than a caption or w comment, so here is my resolve.

A Pole in the States? that one always has me explaining.
Here is a little story about that: I was born and raised in Poland, my whole family still lives there and I miss them dearly, but I try to visit them as often as I can and that is a great part of living away - the reunions and happy vacations together. I met my husband, James, when as a polish exchange student came to the USA. We dated long-distance for 4 years, back and forth, back and forth, because I decided that no matter what I needed to finish my degree that I had started in Poland. He would visit me in the winter and I would go back to the States during the summers. He was going to college as well. When we finally graduated, we decided to do something with our unconventional relationship. We had so much invested in it (just the plane tickets would probably amount to a nice car, or two and a boat, okay maybe not a boat). After all, these were my prime dating years - hello, my beautiful youth- so the stakes were high, our youth and riches…. Long story short, we decided we could not live without each other any longer. We got married and I moved to the USA permanently and shortly after we settled in Chicago, where we both found jobs. We bought a place here but who knows if Chicago is our final destination, my view on that verifies every day, I believe the world is still open for me , for our family.

What is my style?
Style? Big word! whenever I don't know what to write on a certain topic, I usually start with a dictionary definition of a key word, that way I think I sound knowledgeable, let's give it a try shall we.. well... according to the Webster dictionary style is:

: a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed
: a particular form or design of something
: a way of behaving or of doing things

In such context, a style is something unique to every person, every human on this planet has a style, so my style is... well, mine! That is it! Could it be? It does evolve and change alongside my very being. I would lie, however, if I said it is just me because of me, oh no, style, a personal style or simply style of every person is influenced by something, this something can be anything, I know, I sound ridiculous right now, but I think you know what I mean. After all, we are all intertwined, connected and vine-like, so my very personal style can be very well influenced by another style of another person, one's life events, culture, anything really. What is worth noting and could be a rather meta reflection is that what I wear now may not be what I want to wear in 5 years and that is okay, it has been like that before, but lately it got me thinking that I want to change that very fact. Now, I try to venture into shapes and forms that will stand a chance with the perspective of time.. Okay, wheew, that was interesting, lets leave it at that. I am sure I will ramble on this topic in every other post as this blog is my way of trying to get there.


  1. Moja Cudowna! Szalenie miło czytać historie, które poznałam na murku na Starówce (już zawsze, zawsze będę łączyć to miejsce z Tobą, Aniu! ❤

  2. Hey, I am Eszter. I just emailed my husband that I am off to bed. It is eight thirty here in Hungary but we have been volunteering many hours to help the refugees and in the morning I found myself twice not going to the swimming pool and that is not nice. Public swimming pools are beyond expensive but I found one with a great discount IF you get inside before 7. That is right! Before 7 am... I get up before six anyways because of Zoard: he is an early bird but I become a sloth if I don't sleep enough. So I should sleep now BUT I just had to start reading your blog and I love your writing style. Your clothes are not bad either..HAHA xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy

  3. Eszter ma rację – fajnie piszesz. Będę Cię czytać! ;-)