{ Finding the time...}

You know the phrase “I don’t have the time”? yeah that one, the one you hear all the time? pun intended of course. The one I am guilty of… I know, you are probably too, but don’t worry, we all use it and abuse it, to the point that it doesn’t even mean anything, whatsoever.
Once you think about it, what does it mean? really? “I don’t have the time” we all have time, time is here, time is now, time is sort of all. the. time. So isn’t it all about what we make of it? How we divide it and organize it? We probably should use “I didn’t make the time for…” or “I made the time for…” to be honest really.

I am horrible at organizing things, time included, I waste it in some ways and then run out of it in others. I am the one that is running late, a lot, or running just in time but tells you she was rushing. I mean there are things I will never ever be late for, like airports, important meetings, weddings, funerals, these type of things, but then there are things I am constantly late for, like school drop offs, school pickups, doctor appointments.... I guess I at least prioritize my lateness.

Now let’s think of the coefficients: time being a constant, and everything else being a variable: two kids, new house in a total disarray, preschools, infant nap schedules, laundry, dinner plus everything else that is life: bills, schools, jobs, households etc. etc. how does one find the time for themselves?

Before I had Simon, I thought I was busy, but I probably wasn't, yes I worked full time, but then I went to the gym, I made dinner, I watched TV, I had time to shop and do everything I wanted for myself, hair, makeup, nails whatever (lair! I never really DID nails).  Then I started grad school, and then I had Simon, then I continued to work, from home, with an infant, then I went to school full-time, with a toddler, then I finished school and then I had Leo. Seems like a lot, like I could say "I don't have time, like ever" and be almost entitled to some truth to it... But lets be honest, I know I do, of course I have the time, we all really do. It is really up to us what we spend it on and how. I know I am just not good with it, sometimes I can feel wasting it away, it bothers me to pits that I am not more conscientious with it…

So when 11:00am rolls around and I am still in my pajamas, with nothing done, when it starts to feel like the day will be slipping away, and then I slowly panic that everything is skidding out of my control… and a school-run is in 30 minutes, I turn on emergency mode of getting myself  ready in under half an hour… I have not left a house in my pajamas yet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Mind me, not at all. I just know that I would not feel good about it at all, that I need a physical emblem to mark the start to my day, getting it right, feeling ready. It is to give my day a beginning so it can have a middle and an end.

So here it goes, a breakdown of my routine:

Hair: I don’t wash my hair very often, what a confession you say? I actually stretch the wash into 6-7 day intervals, and it is glorious. I use dry shampoo in abundance, to the point that it gives me dandruff sometimes, but then you know, you gain some you lose some. When it gets really, reallyyyy bad I cut back on it and put some coconut oil in my hair, from one extreme to another, that is me… maybe that is why I am recently balding, okay forget it, just kidding not because of that, it is still a valid info, I did just have a baby and they say it is normal to get a little bald afterwards. My go-to style is either flip it or flip it, if one side gets too saggy and overused, flip it to the other one, 80s hair is big now, so make it big. If my hair is too greasy, I have the decency to put it into a pony tail, I started experimenting with a high ponytail like the good ol’days, sometimes it works.  If anything else fails, top knot, hail to you top knot gods.

Makeup: staying in line with the minimal intervention approach, not due to lack of time like I disclaimed earlier, but due to my tendency of marginal incursion, or possibly lack of skill, mixed with the hassle free approach… I guess what I am trying to say is that I am just not too fancy with any of the makeup stuff, thus I do: lotion ( current favorite, cause super sensitive- Eucedrin redness relief), BB cream, (never enough moisture for my dry, flaky skin), and some loose mineral powder for the ever shiny T-line, then eyebrows, oh the eyebrows, I need to dedicate another post just  to them, but I do a quick pencil shaping and then go heavy on brow mascara, brushing it up instead of over and out, if you know what I mean, it gives them a more natural look. Then some eye makeup primer but no eye make-up that is my trick for my Prada eye-bags, finally the last touch, the mascara, and that is it. Done and done, hip, hip hurray.

Style: again another topic that there should be properly covered throughout this blog, and maybe when I find them time I will skip my writing ramblings and try to do some sort of style post, but for now bar with me for this quick-get-ready tip for the day. The recipe is almost always the same,  boyfriend jeans, white tee and a warm, cozy sweater, trainers and a long duster coat, all done and ready. Colors simple, no mixing, not too much layering, no pattern pondering.  Sometimes to shake it up and be a bit more feminine, when I want to feel particularly fancy, or maybe more bloated (what, did I just say that?!), I will go for a skinny, high-waisted jean, lace cami or crop top, then a loose sweatshirt or oversized cardi. Topping it off, on the bottom, throw on some converse or ankle booties, a bomber jacket  and out the door you go.

Accessories: simply put, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses forever, I go for the rule the more the merrier, so I buy them like there is no tomorrow…
Also, simple jewelry, a few stackable rings, can really make you feel all girlie inside. Always go for the classics, a gold chain necklace you can wear with anything and everywhere, and Daniel Wellington classic watch, I had this one on my wish list forever, a staple watch, the mothership of classy and elegant watches. The key again is the minimal effort to put it all together, maximizing the elegant transcendence of each piece.

Okay, so this is all the time I have for this and it is probably more time than you wanted to spend on this anyway ;) So over and out, done in under half an hour, happy school runs and grocery shopping xo!

shoes: adidas// k-swiss// zara 
tops: tee // cami
Accessories: sunglasses // watch c/o DanielleWellington - order by February 29th with code "anja_mari" to get 15% off your purchase.