Styled confused

So I am a little bit in the style pits lately, I am just not too sure how to dress, nor am I really feeling "it", you know!?... I thought I was over that stage but nope, it is back again.

 You know once you quit your day job and become a mom, your style changes 180 degrees, maybe even 240, and mine is shifting somewhere again. Maybe it will do a full 360?

In the meantime, as typical Pisces, I think I am rather a "go with the flow" type of a fish, I am always trying to blend in, to belong and I think my personal style has always been following those needs, adapting with me, sort of like my personal chameleon's coat... so now that I moved to a different city and inherited a different lifestyle with it, I am sort of questioning my style's natural instincts to blend in and looking at myself through the eyes of others around me, and I wonder, who the crap is she?

Like if I am overdressed, underdressed, too eclectic, controversial, am I "trashy" or still cool, not age appropriate or too trendy? I realize some of these are almost excluding each other but it doesn't mean I don't feel each one, all or a few of these at a time... I still wear pretty basic stuff, so sometimes I feel underdressed, but I do like my accessories, noticeable shoes or coats or purses (here women don't even wear purses, hold their money and keys in their cars?) so then I feel overdressed right along with underdressed, sounds a bit schizophrenic? I realize it.

I also feel like I am young still cause so many people with kids Simon's age are older than me here, but then I also feel possibly quite frankly pretty old, like maybe too "serious" to be wearing a nose ring and three-day unruly hair,  one can tell, here some women really spend time and money on that kind of a thing... so Which one is it, who am I in this suburban village of different species than the city folk?

So yeah, I feel a bit style confused, at a cross road between Anja in her 20s, and Anja in her 30s.
Anja out of her element, I also feel like it may have something to do with my mental state, like I am almost ready to adapt to being here, but still something is pulling me back, something pulling me forward.

So yeah, here is a phone dump of some outfits attempts that are still a bit confused, just like me at the moment.

black diagonal tank: DesignLifeKids 
black diaper backpack/bag: Lilly Jade co. 
black trapeze tee:  DesignLifeKids 
white jeans: Shop Mint
Levis distressed jeans: REDONE 
Striped tee: Blossom n Glow 


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