Six months with Leo Grey. #MothersPromise

I cannot believe I have just typed this, six months? have passed? I could have sworn I was just in the hospital, that he is still brand new and smells like a newborn. But to be honest, I see him growing every day. Any day I put him down for a nap I take out a bigger, slightly chubbier baby, the wrinkly newborn features are long gone and we arrived at this glorious giant baby doll phase. He is smiling all the time, even when he is crabby and wants to cry, he pauses to smile, then goes back to screaming. He is a very social baby, will let anyone hold him and will smile at anyone, I sort of feel jealous, cause he is giving it all for free to anyone, nothing reserved for me, okay maybe the nighttime feedings. He only wants me and the tap.

I was naïve thinking same things work for different babies, my babies after all. Leo proves me wrong, like all the time. We thought Simon to sleep 12 hours at night. It wasn’t anything crazy or special, it happened by itself. Probably because when I was in school I would leave three times a week in the evening and Cass would put Simon down and feed him a bottle, I would also pump enough so he could sometimes feed him at night. Simon got so used to it and I guess found it so NOT entertaining that very quickly he started dropping his feedings and by six months most nights he would sleep for 12 hours straight… Leo is nowhere there, and cries at Cass, when he tries the bottle at night. But with a few rougher nights, we managed to, sort of, sleep train him to wake up only twice, and it is okay for now. He sleeps for 12 hours, first stretch is 5 hours, then 4 hours and then he wakes around 6:30am. Good enough for now.

He is a big baby, I mean I guess a birth weight of almost 10lbs puts you ahead a bit. He rolls very easily and he is sort of almost crawling, so weird to have such an active baby, Simon was born a little early, so he always was sort of catching up, he did well, but Leo seems a lot more “advanced”… oh brother, pun intended, did I just say that?!! Anyhow, at 4 months he was 17lbs, so I assume he will be way over 20lbs at his six month appointment. He almost outgrew size 3 in his Pampers, we have been the Pampers family with both babies, no other diaper holds all the weeee better and I am too lazy to change him at night, not until the wetness indicator strap is all the way blue ;)

When we stumbled upon the new Pampers Premium Care at Walmart, it was like upgrading from already once upgraded ride, sort of like being in business class and being bumped into first class.

Leo has very sensitive skin, Simon does too, and so do I… and by experience I know there could be a lots of zits in these boys’ future. Many store brand diapers would give both of them rashes, to the point we cloth diapered Simon during the day (let’s be honest, I was too lazy for the night so Simon was in Pampers at night too). The Pampers Premium Care are really finest quality, hypoallergenic, durable, leak proof etc. Leo’s bum is pretty happy with that for sure and gives it a five star rating.

In other news, he has two teeth and two are about to cut through. He has not tried any solids yet, but I am looking forward to it, I think he will love it, he tries to lick the water from his hands during the bath time and he seems to find it exquisitely delicious, smacks his lips and all, even if there is soap, I think he ain’t picky.

Leo is also a little traveler, he always has been, en womb, he flew around the country and oversees. Not being two months old we moved him from Chicago to Boston, he stayed in hotels and temporary housing with us. He was over four months when he finally arrived at the final destination of his own crib in his own room. But pretty soon we are embarking on another adventure and going to Poland, just the three of us, Leo, Simon and I.

At first I was worried, I didn’t know if it was best for him to have such a moving ground under his babiness of being, didn’t he need to feel secure and safe? How to find it when you are always on the go?
But he surprised me, of course he did, he is such a flexible baby, he made it possible for us to do it all and survive, even when exhausted, on no good schedule, kept awake too long, he did so well, hardly cried or complained, just a happy baby, a traveler baby.

He showed me that he is audacious and capable of doing the wildest things with me, he showed me he is not afraid to be out and about and showed me that I should not confide us into the safe four walls of his nursery. So I am taking part in the #motherspromise campaign with #pampers and want to promise him that I will be brave for the both of us, that I will show him the world. I will take him out, I will get out of the convenient and safe mind frame, that I will be brave for him and with him. Hence I “WILL SHOW HIM THE WORLD”, I will make sure he knows his heritage and his family scattered around the world, that he will see other worlds than his own, appreciate diversity and cultural differences. That he will be open minded, appreciate what is different about people, not what is the same. That he will love different accents and looks instead of making fun of them. That he will be color blind and see the world how it is, in a more global way, not “I am the center of the world” way. In today’s environment, it is so important to take the kids and show them how big the world is, how different, and how amazing, to enrich their compassion towards others, their thinking of others, their appreciation and respect of others.

In order to remember about the promise and set a mind frame to fulfill it for all of us and by all of us, we did a little DYI project. We put together a writable wall map to discuss and plan our travels, to get excited about the world and the endless possibilities ahead. All supplies were purchased off Amazon (map, chalk board).

So I will be taking him to Poland, but that is not enough, I want to take him and his brother to Asia, maybe to South America, someplace where it is so different than what they know, so they know there is more than what they know, and what they know is not the only way to know.

So I am raising my coffee mug to this little boyfriend of mine, my little companion, to all the adventures we will have, to getting out of the comfort zone, to being bold and curious and willing. To loving the world in its greatness.

A little flipagram video of Leo's six months:

 This post has been sponsored by Pampers, the brand we know and trust. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Love all this!! I can't wait to travel more with Maya and show her the world. It's the biggest thing I miss since getting married. Traveling with 5 isn't as easy and being single and hopping on a plane to wherever! Someday...

    AND....loving that top and your hair!!!