Easter, Spring and Staycation.

Gosh is everyone hungry for spring as badly as I am? it seems like each years it gets more and more intense, this longing to be outside and actually enjoy it, to be warm and comfortable, to not regret one forgot gloves, or a hat or put on that third level coat on instead of the fashionable level one.

Thus, once the end of March rolls around and the Groundhog has been forecasting an early spring, but somehow it is still snowing, I am more than ready for a break, the spring break of my own, a break from cold and wetness and naked trees and mucky grass. I am over-the-ready for everything to bloom, for everything to turn green, oh the green....!

So the moment it gets warmer than freezing, we start venturing out, I get crazy stir crazy during the winter so whenever the weekend comes, I need to be out, every weekend I need to go outside. I just have to do "something". To be honest, I don’t really know how to enjoy the slow and the easy of the weekends at home, I wish I could, sometimes I want to, but usually I just get anxious. I just feel this constant urge to get out of the house...

And even though we won’t be traveling anywhere for Easter nor Spring break, I feel like we are sort of on a spring break the whole time, starting April through September, every weekend.

There is so much to explore right now, the whole city, but also the whole state and the states around it. There is so much history around here and so much nature, there are so many little trips to take and I am pretty excited about that, because who said adventures are to be had only on big getaways.

Also... yes, let's not kid ourselves, it is pretty tiring to go to a grocery store with a toddler and a baby, so let alone taking road trips, and lets not kid ourselves even further, because among all the adventures, and memories and smiles and pictures, there are the simultaneous cries in the car, the diaper blowouts, changing of the said diapers in gas stations' bathrooms, baby screaming so the said whole gas station could hear, and finally a toddler sugar overdose, courtesy of the said gas station's slurpee machines, oh looking so tempting. But then again, it is the reality of our lives right now, our messy, noisy stage.

For us, for our little family it is always rather lonely around any holidays, we do not have anyone around, no family we could spend Easter nor Christmas with and now that we moved, not even many friends. We are just alone. It always gets to me. So in order to combat the lonesome feelings, we try to celebrate our little family as much as we can. We try to separate the daily from the holidayily by doing something out of ordinary. Even though we have nowhere to go nor nowhere to be, we try to make the holiday time special. So for Easter, for spring, for this new season of freshness and blossoms, we dress up, we go out as much as we can and we try to follow all the traditions we would do with more family around. We mix customs from both sides of the family. We do a Good Friday quiet and fasting time, we do a Good Saturday food blessing at church, we attend mass and paint eggs and prepare traditional polish dishes, such as white borsch and a pate. But we also do eggs hunts and have Easter Bunny gifts and gosh we consume so much chocolate….

So in order to make this happy, spring, easterly time happier, more special, more dressed up and fashionable, more easterly and springy for our boys, we teamed up with OshkoshBgosh and styled a few items from their new spring collection.


There is nothing I love more than some fresh denim and crispy whites for the spring season. Nothing screams more than starting over, spring-time and freshness, dapperness all over! I love pairing white shirts with denim, also a jean jacket is a must for everyone this season, including the littlest ones and boy oh boy!!! it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have one of the kids in overalls when I am wearing overalls myself.

So here it is to spring, and Easter and all things starting to bloom again!

This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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OshkoshBgosh baby overalls
OshkoshBgosh baby jeans with suspenders
OshkoshBgosh Hickory Stripe Denim Jacket 
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