Fall Nostalgia

And here it is, Miss Fall, invited herself over after her friend, dear September unrolled its colorful glory. It brought the crispy air in the mornings and evenings, leaving it nice and toasty in between. The warming hues are starting to peek between the fading greenery, seasons are turning and I cannot believe it happened all this fast and I am here again, in September.

Let me tell you some things about September... It is a month that I dreaded as a child, it meant back to school, it meant end of summer and freedom, end of long evenings with cousins and friends, it meant the end of bare feet and dresses. A bit older and wiser, I actually started appreciating September more, maybe not as much as it deserved but way more than before. I loved the weather when September brew it just right, warm but not hot, fresh and aromatic. It is actually silly to think and even sillier to say and just about the silliest to type but September has such a distinctive smell, of something just so ripe and ready and crisp… now that I am thinking about it, if September were a fruit, it would probably be an apple, duh...

Right now it is so pleasant to be outside and pretty much from dusk till dawn. It is so easy to embrace the cooler, shorter evenings in all their coziness, this type of coziness when you want to grab your cutest mug of tea and snuggle up with it...

And now... How do I feel about September? Well I fell in love with it, mostly in Chicago fall of 2015…

That city always knew how to do Septembers, they were always gorgeous, like one big pre-apology from the city to its citizens for what it is going to do to them in the winter. And to top it off, it brought the me the most perfect September of all, the one last year.

Leo was born right in the middle of it, two weeks in, two weeks out.  And it was the most incredible background for the events that unfolded. Events that are written in my soul forever and now that I am trying to describe them, to put all that emotional pulp into this post, I cannot fully fork it out of there. But I know one thing, for sure, I will forever be grateful to Chicago for giving me such a stage for that story.

I will forever remember those warm autumn days, the brisk air and the golden light, oh the perfect golden hour over Chicago, I will forever remember that. I would pick Simon up from school, wearing shorts and a baby wrap with baby Leo and we would just soak up our time outside, our time in Chicago, in our new family’s dynamic. I remember so fondly being with my boys, in our city.

Now that it is a year later, how do you go about the time that was already perfect last year, how do you move past your melancholy, and the longing for the perfectness of the fading past?

Well, you escape, you do things differently and make new memories. In order not to give into nostalgia, to stop trying desperately to do over the past, you just go out and do the present, and what was that thing you said Anja? do the present? how philosophical of you, but what the crap do you mean? well, I say to you, as I finally realized it this September, It means getting out of my head and stepping more into the moment, instead of dwelling over the moods and feels of the past that I love, I try to focus and find the beauty in the new realities… and boy did I find some this September. Mood and nostalgia time be gone, I have new memories to chase.

Baby carrier: TULABABY 
Leo shark booties: Robeez
Sunglasses: Deigner sunglasses for rent, free for a month with a code "ANJA_MARI" SHOPDITTO


  1. Wow, those outfits are perfect for the fall season. I really don't like fall though, dry skin and eyes make me feel really irritated. Great pictures though!

  2. Do you recommend any cool movies?

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