Holiday Pictures. Deconstructed.

You know Instagram? Yes, that app, where you spend hours looking at everyone's perfect images and wonder "how the heck did they manage to get them, did they hire a whole team of photographers or an entire special lighting crew? hair and makeup?" yeah that app... I know, because I often times wonder that very same thing. I am almost certain nobody thinks of my pictures in quite the superlatives, but I try my best there too, it is true for everyone, I think, we all put our best online, on Instagram, on Facebook, whichever, we do want to put the best picture to represent us well, I belive this is a quite natural instinct.

By all means, I am no picture expert, nor do I know much about photography, but since the season when we want to take the best family snaps is upon us, I thought it would be fun to discuss what works for me and what doesn't while family picture taking. Probably there is more of what doesn'ts,  because taking a pic with two littles is never an easy task, and a lot of things don't work, but still I will try my best.

The rule of thumb is, if you take a gazzilion shots, force yourself and everyone involved to keep trying, eventually you will get one decent photo! ha! yes, no matter what! Thus, I guess, perseverance and a large memory card are the key here...

When we take any of our pics with the boys, we usually try posing, but each time and very quickly, it proves to be a pointless attempt, so the rule number one is, embrace the chaos and the more natural movement. The "one" will happen no matter what and sometimes these crazy moments of everyone moving will actually look good frozen on camera.

We usually try to look for a location outside and then try something indoors as well. When outside, we want either an interesting background shot or a solid pattern (city skyline, intricate building, or a captivating wall or door). I stick with the bright colors, because it is my personal preference, but I have seen plenty of amazing shots with moody and dark backgrounds that I loved, so it depends on one's personal esthetics.

When it comes to choosing the outfits, I won't lie... I love twinning, I am obsessed with twinning, I restrain myself from overdoing the twinning. And it is a fine balance, you should not go rogue,  it quickly can be an overkill... Thus, I try to have some items that go together well, a few pieces for the boys that are the same and then accessorize them differently. Also, when it comes to choosing my outfit, I try to correspond with them, but not always match them exactly, super exact twinning is fun for a more styled photo, but for a natural look and a spirited holiday snap, I think what I described works better.

Finally, adding an accessory or visuals that bring the holidays into the photo, that "holidays look and feel". If one starts early on going full speed with a Christmas tree may be an overkill again, I would say try something more subtle first... this can be done via colors and fabrics. I love that plaid and cozy cardigans, fur, hats and scarves instantly bring on the Holidays, scream cozy and warm yet are not too cheesy or obvious. Also the colors, RED RED RED, like the Starbucks cup, all you have to do to bring the Holidays to the table, is use red wisely.

This year we decided to go oldtimish with the boys', something to bring a little 40s, a little 50s.  Thus lumberjack hats, buffalo plaid, fur and sherpa lined everything. I was so excited to have found the perfect items at OshkoshBgosh, the red plaid was a hit, absolutely perfect for the holidays. I decided to have Simon in a lumberjack jacket and Leo in the lumberjack hat, for good measure. I found the cutest duck boots for Leo that were sherpa lined and completed the look with chunky, cozy cardigans in similar colors. I went with fur myself and a cozy, chunky knit hat.

We probably took a million pictures, at various locations, and the whole time, Leo was flipping out and I mean literally... he was going boneless left and right as he entered the joyous stage when he manipulates his body into letting him down so he can wander away. I guess he is too busy searching for sticks and  stones and will take no BS for some picture taking. Simon was pretty whiny too, made some weird faces and generally was trying to goof around more than act natural, but then again, I guess he acts like that naturally too so... you get what you get.

And it is okay, because it is this time of our lives, when the family outings are chaotic, when there are lovely moments but mostly surrounded by frustrating, baby flipping times. so here is when your billion outtakes come to place... just keep shooting and that one special moment, amongst the chaos, among the craziness will get caught...and here you will have the perfect square, the framer, the one for the memory books. The picture that perfectly captures the memories, because yo will know it was occupied by literally blood sweat and tears :) the sign of the times, the times you WILL want to remember forever.

Happy holiday picture taking!

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This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

On Leo
cardigan // longsleeve // hat // boots

On Simon
jeans // jacket // hat


  1. Oh I love this post, Anna, and FYI regularly on IG I wonder how you nailed such an awesome shot. Love how you break it down here and your love of twinning! I'm more of an accidental twinner, we get out into the outside world and I realise I've dressed us all identical ����. Clearly my brain doesn't have the space in the morning and just gravitates towards similar items! Xx

    1. Hi love!!!! Thank you so much for the comment, I love finding them here! I am actually surprised I am so into twinning because I am the worst at planning things, but now that I have two of them I usually buy things that correspond with one another for the sole purpose of boys matching ;) they will hate it later but for now my mama's heart is happy, I am still planning a total twinning (tripling) with them too, I love it! and I love it on your guys!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo much love to you my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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